Storage Policies

Violation of storage policies may result in lockout pending correction, additional fees, or termination of contract without refund.

Prohibited Items
- Food/medications (rodents will find them!)
- Hazardous materials
- Tires
- Explosive or flammable items
- Items which emit odors or make loud noises
- Live or dead animals or human remains
- Fine jewelry or highly valuable personal items
- Items that could leak, spill, freeze, or break their containers
- Illegal drugs
- Illegal or stolen property
- Gasoline tanks must be drained (off property) before storing in enclosed units

Prohibited Uses
- Playing of any type of loud music or musical instruments
- Any type of public sale (garage sale, flea market)
- Operating a “business office” or “retail store” from the storage unit
- Working in the unit, including working on motor vehicles, hobbies or crafts, etc.
- Living/sleeping in the unit
- Any illegal use of any kind

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