Clay Street Storage

Serving Kissimmee and Osceola County Florida


“Can I come look at some units?”

We do not have onsite sales staff. We have provided the Storage Space Estimator as well as photos of all unit sizes on this website. Our Automatic Rental Center also shows photos of all unit sizes.

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Late Payment Policies

Payments are late on the sixth day of the rental period (5 days after your anniversary date). If payment has not been received by that date, our gate system will disable your code (you will not be able to access your storage unit) and a late fee will be added to your account. Once an account is late, it must be paid in full before your access code is re-enabled.

If an account remains unpaid, we will begin the lien process as defined by the Florida self storage statute. This will include sending letters to your address on file. Please ensure that your address information is up to date and pay attention to any communications regarding late accounts.

We highly recommend the use of electronic payment via our Automatic Rental Center, website, or by calling our customer service center at 407.870.1990. This ensures that the payment is immediately applied to your account and provide a payment receipt or confirmation number.

“Can I set up a payment plan?”

We do not extend credit terms or allow payment plans on monthly rentals. We do not grant “temporary” access on past-due accounts in exchange for partial payments (ie your access will continue to be denied on past-due accounts until the account is paid in full).

Address updates

It is very important that you notify our office whenever your address changes. Some processes (such as a lien notification letter) are required to be sent to the address of record. Please submit address changes in writing to our office address, or use your website payment login to update your account information.

Trash Disposal

We do not provide dumpster service for tenants. As you are paying rental to use the space, we encourage you to only bring items on property that are worth paying to store. Units must be emptied to broom-clean condition upon vacating. We reserve the right to bill current/former tenants for disposal costs we incur for items that are left on site.

Automatic Payment Setup & Updates

To set up automatic payment via credit card, debit card, or automatic bank transfer, you can either log into your account at the onsite automatic rental center or use the website payment page to enter your account information and enable monthly automatic payment.

If you are set up for automatic payment and need to update your card number, expiration date, or other payment information, you can update your account using either of the above methods.